About us

ArtHouseLabs is a game art design and illustration studio with offices in the two largest Ukrainian cities: Kiev and Dnipro.

Today ArtHouseLabs team has more than 30 specialists who share the principles of the company and collaborate with well-known world studios on dozens of mobile and PC casual and midcore games as well as on Gambling and Slots projects.

Our team of talanted artists helps developers around the world to create games loved by millions. We provide effective project management and creative art solutions at each stage of game production obtaining the best result in given terms and budgets




Art Development for different types of slots and gambling, with various technologies and requirements.

Making concept art for Mobile, Console and PC games and the visualization of game design.

2D Illustrations for PC, Mobile, Board and Card games.

UI/UX for mobile and PC games.

The creation of 2D animated characters and objects.

Leading the projects by our art director.

Last Projects


1. Briefing

Project manager clarifies requirements to create Asset list, Project Estimation and Work Plan

2. Pre-production

Lead Artist provides Mood board to develop Style guide for the Art team

3. Sketching

Concept Artist prepares line and color sketches of game assets with a review on each stage

4. Polishing

When color schemes are approved Art team proceed to the rendering stage

5. Additional work

At this stage we do Animation, VFX and SFX making game consistent and complex

6. Final Delivery

Preparation and shipping of game assets and source files

Our clients


Austin Miller

Terraform Studio, Texas

I am the Creative Director at Terraform Studios and I have worked with Arthouse Labs for over 3 years and their team has always met or exceeded my expectations. Whether you are looking for game art assets, production help, design, etc. Arthouse Labs has you covered. They take great care of their clients’ needs, and always deliver, even on a tight schedule. I couldn’t be happier with finding this gem of a studio early on in the development of my studio’s mobile game, and they have been vital to our project.

Richie O'Hara, United Kingdom

One of the most valuable aspects of working with the team at Arthouse is peace of mind. A collective group of experts who can think on their feet, and constantly strive to exceed client expectation. A world class team among the very best in the business. Long may our relationship continue!

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Denis Motorin

Head of Studio